Plein Air Painting in the Rogue Valley

Ilene Gienger Painting

We are having a gray wet spring this year.  I tried to take advantage of what was supposed to be a partly cloudy day and made plans with artist Ilene Gienger to go plein air painting a couple weeks ago.  The break in the clouds lasted about 15 minutes – so it goes.  At least it didn’t rain.  Ilene is primarily a pastel portrait and genre scene artist.  This was our first time out together, we made a good team.  I had already chosen a location.  If we work together again, the location will be her choice.

The scene I was painting

I had a commission to work on – of an unusual size – 5 inches x 22 inches.  My client and I had actually gone out driving around and found this amazing vacant field – unfenced – with 360 degrees of paintable landscape.  I settled on the factory – mill in the distance with a view of Wagner Butte, Mt Ashland, some good power lines.

Sarah F Burns
Vanessa's Factory by Sarah F Burns

I was in the zone that day and I’m super happy with the piece.  – I was on pins and needles until the client saw the piece though – I never know what people will think.  So far I haven’t had anyone reject or act disappointed with a commissioned piece, but if a person does a lot of them eventually it will happen….?  Anyway, Yay – the client loves it and so the painting has found a happy home.

Detail One

Detail of a tiny little building on the left hand side.

Detail Two

Detail of some very fine and distant power lines and traffic lights.