American Art Collector Magazine – Floral and Botanical Issue

I have a small feature in March 2013 American Art Collector Magazine!  Check it out here or pick up an issue at a bookstore this month.

Fall and Winter Flowers Oil on Panel 18" x 20" $750 Sarah F Burns
Fall and Winter Flowers Oil on Panel 18″ x 20″ $750 Sarah F Burns

Zinnia Sketch

zinnia oil painting by Sarah F Burns

Little Flower Painting

I love painting flowers.  I resisted it for years because it could get really cheesy really fast.  But flowers are great, I love having them and like seeing them so why not.  I also like the challenge, because they have to be finished in two days or less because they change so much.  Anyway here’s the latest – more to come as soon as it’s dry enough to scan.

sarah f burns
Sweet Little Pink Flowers

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