Lots of Experimenting Going on…

Peripheral Visions

I’ll be showing a shadow painting installation at Ashland Painters Union starting January 4 – opening party is from 5 – 8 pm.  The show is up through the end of January, gallery open 1:00 – 5:00 on Fridays and Saturdays. Q is showing sculptural prints.  Together we were goofing off at the Ashland Art Center Print Lab and screened some flyers just for the fun of it.

And on another experimental note:  my chef brother in law recently asked me to make him a drawing of his knife and fork.

Knife and Fork for Neil Clooney Graphite Drawing by Sarah F Burns
Knife and Fork for Neil Clooney Graphite Drawing by Sarah F Burns


neil clooney arms

He’d probably want you to know he needs to go back in to get some touching up done.  You’re really not supposed to go on a wilderness rafting trip for a week the day after you get a large tat.  I guess conditions were less than perfect for healing…. Worth it though, I’m sure.

Ashland Painters Union

I’ve been exceptionally busy this year, working on the Smithfields paintings, working my day job and then I added a pet project with a group of painters  – Ashland Painters Union – we found a great space and simply wanted to put on shows that were curated by the artists.  Clean, gift free space to show art.

Ashland Painters Union
March 2012 Ashland Painters Union Opening
Ashland Painters Union
My Sister, Claire Clooney with her portrait, at the opening of Ashland Painters Union - Painting by Sarah F Burns

We had a lot to do, had a lot of fun at the opening, and everything was going well… until Monday March 19

Ashland Painters Union Fire
Fire in the Stairwell directly under our gallery - set by homeless mentally ill arsonist.

In the cold light of day, we discover that our gallery has extensive smoke damage (although all the art work is okay – smells smokey, but not ruined) and worse, the support beams have been damaged, leaving us unable to safely occupy the space until repairs are done, which may take two months.

Ashland Painters Union Entrance After the Fire

There are some very informative articles you can read on our website – www.ashlandpaintersunion.com, plus take a tour of the show.

So I find myself with my usual busy schedule, waiting until we know more…