Landscape Painting Course

Mount Washington GroupThe heat of the summer will be coming to an end soon and we will be entering the fall landscape painting season!  I am teaching a landscape painting course at the Ashland Art Center for both experienced and beginning painters.  As usual, drawing is fine for the whole session if you prefer.  Oil paints are what I use, but if you prefer watercolor or acrylic or pastel or xyz, that is just fine; the principles remain the same, even as the material changes.
This class will be useful for both plein air and photo reference painters.  We will cover specific issues of landscape painting —  light, color, perspective, drawing, composing.
Three classroom sessions where we discuss fundamentals, see demos and slides of various artists applying the principles in their own unique way.
Two field sessions will be opportunities to see me paint and ask specific questions as well as paint alongside and get personal feedback.  The field sessions will be held in a shady place.  Feel free to bring your chairs and get comfy.
As usual, the class will be chock full of things to think about, things to challenge you and will be fun and encouraging too.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at
  • Wednesdays in the Classroom at Ashland Art Center from 1:30 – 4:30, September 19, October 5 and 19
  • Fridays in the Field from 9 am, September 23 and October 7
  • $125 – materials not included, although I may  be able to loan a plein air easel for the field sessions.

To sign up, follow this link or visit Ashland Art Center. They are open Daily 10:00am  to 6:00 pm at 357 E. Main St, Ashland, OR 97520.  541-482-2772.

Hudson River Fellowship – 2016

Phew! Three weeks of painting and connecting with other painters in New Hampshire with the Hudson River Fellows.  Here is the fruit of my labor.  These paintings are in completely random order.  You can click on any image to see it more clearly.

We painted everyday and the bugs were ferocious.  Early on I figured out that I could absolutely not paint in the sun, even with an umbrella, because if you are painting outside most of the day, you must be moderately comfortable or else it is just not possible to continue.

We were in the very beautiful, lush and green area of Jackson, New Hampshire, in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains.  I also got to visit the Portland Museum of Art in Maine as well as the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum plus the Boston Public Library which has some really wonderful murals.

Anyway, I’ve been home a week and am still processing everything.  I got off the plane and hit the ground running and have been spending my time catching up with family.  Three weeks is a really long time to be away from home.

I’m sure glad I did it though! It was invaluable to be exposed to a different group of accomplished and hard working painters.  They tended to be from the Grand Central Atelier and heavily influenced by the Hudson River Painters of the past.  It may be obvious if you have seen my work that I don’t really focus on detail much, and while I may not change my ways, I could feel myself being stretched and influenced by the group, and that was truly valuable.  Plus I discovered some really nice Hudson River paintings.  There was an Asher B. Durand book floating around and we saw some of his paintings in the museum and they are really wonderful.  I’m still a Winslow Homer and Thomas Eakins and Edward Hopper girl at heart, but there’s room for some of these others too.  And we shall see what kind of affect this has as time wears on.


Summer Shows

Grizzly Peak and Culumus Clouds
Grizzly Peak with Cumulus Clouds by Sarah F Burns

So much work is out and about this summer! Yay!

Public House Ashland — Treat yourself to some amazing cocktails and small plates and view my New Landscapes.  July 14 – September sometime.

Southern Oregon University Stevenson Union Gallery  Ashland
Studio Sessions: Figures and Still Life
July – September

Smithfield Pub and Pies  Ashland — A favorite place to go.  They have really great pies, salads, pub trivia, music. English Football etc….
New Still Life and Landscapes

The Great Southern Oregon Paint Out Show at Paschal Winery — Talent, OR
I have a little landscape from the printout along with a number of other local artists.
Enjoy a relaxing glass of wine and a great view.

National Telephone Museum – New Hampshire
The Art of Conversation — a group of paintings that feature telephones, phone poles etc.
I’m showing landscapes with telephone poles.
June – October 2016

And by coincidence, I am getting ready to go to New Hampshire for the Hudson River Fellowship.   As one of the fellows, I will be spending three weeks drawing, painting landscape in the historic Mount Washington State Park.  So while in New Hampshire, I will check out the Telephone Museum.

So, have a great July and I’ll be posting images from the Fellowship when I get home.





Experimentations in Landscape


This spring has been outstanding for painting outside.  I’ve been experimenting with connecting my landscapes for a few years.  Not perfect, as you can see, but would suffice to use as fodder for a larger studio piece, should I take that on.  And they work individually.

This is my favorite place to paint right now.  It’s a ditch trail by my house and I never see anyone there, plus it’s like 30 seconds away.  Eventually I’ll probably make a 360 degree radius because it’s such a good place to paint.

I shouldn’t share my plans in case they don’t work out.  But, whatever. 🙂Ditch Trail Panorama

Wagner and Blackberries
Wagner Butte and Blackberries
Ditch Trail
Ditch Trail
Chicken Shack and Cascades
Chicken Shack with Cascades


Fall Landscape Class

Ditch Trail
Landscape Painting by Sarah F Burns

I’m teaching a short series on landscape painting this fall.  It will consist of three classroom sessions and two field demos.

We will:

  • Cover principles of drawing and painting the landscape including: atmospheric and linear perspective, how color works outdoors, composition, value, light effect, form, proportion and much, much more
  • View slides of contemporary and past masterworks that demonstrate all the principles we discuss
  • See a Demo of materials and methods in class as well as out in the field
  • Critique student work and answer questions

Principles apply to both studio and plein air works.  Class time will consist of lecture, demo and critique; students will work independently and bring their work in for feedback.

There will be two field days where students can observe me painting and ask questions or can paint as well.  Locations of the field days will be announced later.

Wednesdays, September 21, October 5 and 19 from 1:30 – 4:30 pm in the Ashland Art Center Main Classroom and Field Days 9:00 am on Friday, September 23 and October 7 – Location to be announced.

Cost is $125 per student

To sign up: click here or pay at the Ashland Art Center front desk.

Ashland Art Center
357 E. Main St
Ashland, OR 97520





Jeri Jennings and Unconditional Love

Spring has been utterly glorious here in Southern Oregon this year.  Everything is lush and green and my roses are having a banner year.  The yellow one is called Jeri Jennings and the red is Unconditional Love.  Both are Paul Barden roses, both came from Rogue Valley Roses – a place I’ve mentioned before on this blog.  Janet has collected a fantastic variety of roses that grow on their own rootstock, all meticulously categorized and documented and REALLY hard to choose which to plant, because there are so many good ones.

Jeri Jennings and Unconditional Love

In my eagerness to share this image, I’ve had to photograph it before it’s been varnished, so there are some matte and shiny places.  I’ll re document the image and replace it in a few months when it’s been properly varnished.

Still Life

Still Life with SquashStill Life with Squash, Oil on Linen, 28″ x 30″

winter geraniumWinter Geraniums, Oil on Panel, 20″ x 24″

Wedding Flowers


Wedding Flowers Marissa and Josue web.jpg


Pear Still Life

I’m moving inside, thinking about still life and figurative work now that the weather is too cold for landscape painting.

Pear Still LIfe
Pear Still Life, 9″ x 12″ oil on linen mounted on aluminum panel