Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love Roses in Vase

The name of this rose is actually Unconditional Love – you can click that link and find out more.  I grow these roses and I’ve painted them before.  And I guess I’ve painted the vase before too.

This painting feels like it belongs in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. I love the the clothing and decor in his movies.  Sparse, clean, well tailored, quality material, so sharp and normal. I’m not sure if it means anything, but I like the connection – even if it’s just in my own mind.  And I’m not at all trying to convey anything dark or surreal.  Just the plain fullness of life which is good but not perfect and is sometimes very bad, but overall wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. Gorgeous! Oh Sarah, I love this painting! And your thoughts on it resonated with me right away. Unconditional Love really does create a quiet and mysterious atmosphere. I’m a huge Hitchcock fan, as was my mother, and grew up watching his “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” weekly television show with it’s very eerie ‘Funeral March of the Marionettes’ theme song. And later, his movies…

    This beautiful painting makes me know that if I want to improve as a painter, I need to get quiet, try harder and really think about what I want to say.

    1. I am so touched by your comment! I agree – we all need to spend time being quiet and painting and what we want to say will just emerge I think. It always comes both as a surprise and also an “of course” whenever it manages to come out right for me. You’re trying hard and doing a good job though. That ache when we can’t or aren’t painting is sure real!

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