4 thoughts on “Neighbor’s Tree in Early Winter

    1. Thank you John – I really struggle with things like tree branches that require focus and detail, so I can see that the connection to Burchfield’s sort of awkwardly direct work. (I like Burchfield too, so thank you very much for the compliment!)

  1. love this one in particular…love them all, this one is appealing to me, being a new englander. The branches are well observed, natural, and not over- rendered, fits into the style and brushwork nicely…not an easy subject, at least for me….sorry to hear of your moms passing- she’s just a few years older than me….!

    1. Thanks very much John – and yeah, being forced to work fast sometimes is a big help for me in terms of keeping the paint fresh. Snow is such a rare treat here in the low valleys of Southern Oregon. I had that one morning to make the painting, by the afternoon, the snow had dripped off all the branches.

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