Experimentations in Landscape


This spring has been outstanding for painting outside.  I’ve been experimenting with connecting my landscapes for a few years.  Not perfect, as you can see, but would suffice to use as fodder for a larger studio piece, should I take that on.  And they work individually.

This is my favorite place to paint right now.  It’s a ditch trail by my house and I never see anyone there, plus it’s like 30 seconds away.  Eventually I’ll probably make a 360 degree radius because it’s such a good place to paint.

I shouldn’t share my plans in case they don’t work out.  But, whatever. 🙂Ditch Trail Panorama

Wagner and Blackberries
Wagner Butte and Blackberries
Ditch Trail
Ditch Trail
Chicken Shack and Cascades
Chicken Shack with Cascades


7 thoughts on “Experimentations in Landscape

  1. yes, the eye for color values is amazing…also, its quite surprising how each arc of the view stands on its own as a painting, usually not the case for panarams.

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