Bear Skeleton

I’m entering pretty gory territory here.  Sorry if you’re squeamish or hate hunting or meat eating or anything like that.  My friend Gilbert is a hunter and recently killed a bear, which he removed the meat from and gave me the fresh skeleton, (minus the skull which he has buried in his backyard so that bugs will clean all the nooks and crannies of, so he can dig it up later and have a nice clean creepy and interesting object).  Anyway, Smithfields wants intensity and I think this will deliver – no?  The back ground elements will all be painted in grisaille, heightening the red and gold of the meat.  I have finished the previous painting for Smithfields, although I’m not showing them publicly until they’re all assembled in the restaurant and we can have a smashing unveiling.  : )  So, enjoy.

Sarah F Burns
Bear Skeleton in Progress - By Sarah F Burns
Sarah F Burns
Bear Skeleton Painting in Progress with the Actual Bear Skeleton

6 thoughts on “Bear Skeleton

  1. Your Great Grandfather did a lot of bear hunting in the Rogue Valley or surrounding mountains. The connection to and through the local environment is so awesome (the old definition of that word) and amazing. Wow, that is a powerful painting!

  2. Sarah-
    this is exciting work. I love it. I once worked at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and the taxidermist there got a CAMEL to prepare for an exhibit. The camel skeleton (and the smell of its the meat in the dumpster) makes the bear skeleton on the canvas as mild as experience as looking at a still life with red roses 🙂 just kidding :). I can’t wait for the unveiling at Smithfields. Will Smithfield’s be serving bear meat? You are doing terrific work.

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