Day Four or Five, I’m Losing Track..

January 18, 2012 § 7 Comments


I thought I wasn’t going to do full color, but it seems to be headed that way.  Or maybe 80% full color.  I plan to do the meat in hyper-color to really make it grab you. 

Today I worked the area around the pitcher.


At a certain point I am going to stop sharing the progress in order to make the unveiling party more exciting.  You will all get an invite. 

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§ 7 Responses to Day Four or Five, I’m Losing Track..

  • Sarah- I am loving this painting. The subtle colors, the shadows, the sense of depth, But each time I look at it my eye goes almost immediately to the ShopVac. Is this what you intend? Is the meat the red stuff in the bowl to the right of the pitcher?

  • aponr says:

    That painting is looking amazing. I like your blog a lot, so I will be passing you that Versatile Blogger Award!

  • annamaria says:

    Hi Sarah. I haven’t been around the blogworld for a while and I came by to see how you are doing and I am loving this new painting of yours. Will there be a follow up soon? I just discovered Garcia Lopez recently too. His work is trully stunning and thought provoking.I just got this new book of his work form the library and want to do some watercolour copies of a couple of the works. Definitely worth in depth study. Hope all is world with your new series:)

    • sarahfburns says:

      Thanks Anna Maria, I’ve been excessively busy – this painting is now finished, and I’m working on the the next in the series – painting a bear skeleton for the next piece! Anyway, I want to build sufficient anticipation for the series, so I’m holding the finished piece until the show opens. : )

  • annamaria says:

    I meant: I hope all is well…

  • […] will all be painted in grisaille, heightening the red and gold of the meat.  I have finished the previous painting for Smithfields, although I’m not showing them publicly until they’re all assembled in the […]

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