Day 3


I’m still feeling out the composition – it’s tricky because the main focus – the raw meat – will actually come later – I”m leaving space for the hunks of meat to be displayed because I can’t really put them in until I’m ready to spend a good amount of time with them since they are so perishable.  So I’m forced to just hold them in my mind and paint in the back ground.

I haven’t established the whole value story of the back ground either yet.  It’s still in a drawing stage now.  I need to get a more complete value picture before committing to the composition.  I plan to use very, very minimal amounts of color in the back ground – like almost gray scale, but with a tiny bit of hue included – and this sounds fun –  so I allowed my self to jump into that stage a little bit today.  I did go into the fuller value story as well, but ran out of time.

The days are so stinking short right now that I feel like I just barely get started and then my light is gone.  Grr.  So much work to do and I’m so eager to do it, I had hoped to get like four of these done by February, but I can tell right now that idea was beyond delusional.  For one thing thing, there isn’t that much day light between now and then – even if  I were able to use every minute of it.

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