Nocturnal Plein Air Painting

I’ve been wanting to try this for ages and the planets aligned for Steven LaRose and I to go out landscape painting as night fell a couple of weeks ago.

Sarah F Burns
Motel at Night, by Sarah F Burns

We started out in a median as night fell.  By the end I could only vaguely see value differences on my pallet and was almost flying blind, relying on my memory of where I had placed each color to choose what I wanted.  The car lights coming from both directions got very annoying so we looked for a new location.

Sarah F Burns
Nocturne, by Sarah F Burns

We were drawn downtown, and finally wound up in the lit alcove of the Art Center, looking across the street to this deliciously lonely scene.  Life as usual is jam packed with mile-long to-do lists, so I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to have this kind of adventure again, but believe me, I am counting the days.

3 thoughts on “Nocturnal Plein Air Painting

  1. So, I read your post and Steven LaRose’s as well. Your painting of the wall across from the Ashland Art Center shows tall trees (arborvitae?). Note that the shadow on the wall from the tree on the right makes it look like the tree has legs, albeit with pigeon-toed feet. This would explain the moving forest in Macbeth as well as any number of other phenomena which happen unseen at night . . .

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