Portrait of Adara

I have wanted to paint another portrait of Adara for years – ever since painting this first version when she was about 10 years old.

Sarah F Burns

You may notice a serious expression on her face.  This is due to her EXTREME displeasure at having to sit still for 20 minutes at a time.  After this first painting several years ago, she has artfully avoided the experience – until now.  A well placed bribe along with a couple of threats have coerced her back into the studio.

Sarah F Burns

She tried a few positions and finally settled on this one you see in the photo below. I told her she could sit anyway she wanted (except lying down asleep in bed, which was her first choice) and she settled on the pose you see in the photo below.


I tried a couple of sketches.

Sarah F Burns

I like this one below very well.

Sarah F Burns

I still need to work out a composition, but I”m looking forward to our next session.  And before you think I’m a terrible mother, after the initial irritation and resistance, Adara seemed actually to enjoy herself – a little.

(By the way – I apologize to those who get this post in their inbox – I inadvertently published it before it was ready.  I have a new smartphone and I can barely work it.)

4 thoughts on “Portrait of Adara

  1. Sarah I love the first version painting of her it is really pretty. I am looking forward to seeing the next version. I found your blog a couple months ago and I’m on your mailing list now so… hello! Just letting you know that I’m watching you like a creepy internet person! haha! I am moving back to southern Oregon soon so maybe I will see you around.

    Loven’ your work -Jenay

    1. Hi Jenay,
      You have to be the same Jenay from AAA days! Look me up when you’re back. Come visit our studio for Life Drawing too. Thanks for the kind words and I hope all is well. : )

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